Freerange Press is the trading name for Freerange Cooperative Ltd. It is a New Zealand only cooperative publishing company.

We print and distribute in New Zealand and Australia.

Freerange’s focus is on global issues of politics, art and life for an urbanized humanity. Freerange Press operates the Project Freerange website, edits and publishes the Freerange Journal, and publishes books relevant to our interests such as Tsunami Box by Gerald Melling and Christchurch: The Transitional City Pt IV.

The Freerange Journal has over 100 contributors in 6 continents from  many different disciplines.  Freerange has released nine volumes of Freerange Journal, and seven books, with more to be launched in 2015.


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Featuring: Tigilau Saili, Ripeka Walker, Rajarshi Sahai, Dale Fincham, Felicity Morris, Sally Ogle, Noel Meek, Mark Kingsley, Barnaby Bennett

Featuring: Sam Soundy, Dion Howard, Ruth Hill, Rajarshi Sahai, Michael Dann, Byron Kinnaird, Taka Saru, Julia Molloy, Jessie Moss, Tania Sawicki Mead, Amanda Armstrong, Rozzy Middleton, Celia Goldsmith, Nick Sargent, John Baker, Nicola Holden, Barnaby Bennett

Featuring: Hana Bojangles, Minna Ninova, Warwick McCallum, Joe Cederwall, Claire Hollingsworth, Micaela Sahar, Gina Moss, Toby Huddlestone, Byron Kinnaird, Shalimma R, Joseph Tipa,  Rozzy Middleton, Federico Monsalve, Greta Gillies, Mathew Landers, Anne Marie Vennel, Penny Spicer, Nick Sargent

by Gerald Melling

By Nicole Gardner, Dr. M. Hank Haeusler, Dr. Martin Tomitsch

Featuring: Gary McCormick, Madeleine Peacock, Alison Locke, Johnny Moore, Sienna Kahurangi Newbery, Ben James, Tony Brunt, Barnaby Bennett, Gina Moss

By Byron Kinnaird and Barnaby Bennett

The city, design, politics and pirates