Vizzini’s Zinn Zinger

I was going to post about shark exploitation in film, but instead stumbled upon this. Wallace Shawn (better known as Vizzini from the Princess Bride, or Baron von Westphalen from Southland Tales – hands down the worst film I saw last year) reads a great Howard Zinn zinger. Its a great speech. And its Vizzini.

Royal de Luxe in Santiago

Royal de Luxe make me believe in the magic. How inspiring…

They have recently taken their Little Giant to Santiago in Chile where she has a cult following. He uncle the Giant was there too. I saw her in 2005 in Nantes, France and can say that it was the most extraordinary performance I have ever seen.

Little Girl Giant (Pequeña Gigante) Santiago Chile

I can’t wait to see their show in Wellington in March. They are bringing their Revolt of the Mannequins show here. series of crazy stories played out in 10 different shops in downtown Wellington.

See: NZ International Arts Festival and Revolt of the Mannequins