What’s cooking at Freerange?

We are currently in the midst of conversations about how Freerange can work and publish together more effectively as a cooperative. We really want to start involving our members more effectively in 2017 and invite you to begin steering the ship more actively. We believe this will let Freerange become what you – the community of members – most need and want it to be. If you are interested in participating in the discussions, becoming a member or becoming involved on a project-by-project basis do get in contact.

In the meantime, while we are still to decide on our major collaborative project for this year (TBC via discussions with the membership) we have a couple of projects already under development (which could be run collaboratively as well):

  • a cultural/political cook book that could include recipes, case studies and essays/thought pieces that celebrate a burgeoning New Zealand food identity (as part of a broader cultural shift), explore how we express ourselves as nation through food (from growing and preparing through to eating and selling), discuss the rise of the locavore movement and sustainable, full food chain approaches, and look at contemporary food issues (from quotas and exports through to resourcefulness, waste and cultivating what suits being grown here). We think that in an agricultural nation, food’s potential in terms of environmental and social impacts is worth exploring.
  • a book on death and dying in New Zealand – in an effort to encourage discussions about death and dying in New Zealand, Freerange is setting out to explore the current customs and rites practiced (from conventional funerals to tangis to eco burials, bio-cremation and a return to family driven funerals, new technologies); discuss what we talk about when we talk about death; look at the movement towards dying well, being prepared and having death plans; and hear from those directly involved with death (from the coroner through to death walkers and death studies experts).

If you would like to know more about these projects, or become involved, contact Emma – emma@projectfreerange.com