Launch of Kai and culture: Food stories from Aotearoa

A festive crowd gathered at the Space Academy in Christchurch on Monday 20 November in a celebration of collective efforts, food and place for the launch of Kai and culture: Food stories from Aotearoa.

Contributors, future readers, supporters, as well as fine food and drink from local producers all came together – an apt beginning for a book that looks what we eat, why and how and how the different parts of our food system are interconnected.

Prevailing winds, politics, weather systems, economic forces, soil quality, histories and identities all leave their signature in what we eat. And what we eat, why, and how says something about our culture. Food tells a story.
Kai and culture: Food stories in Aotearoa is a book of essays, profiles and recipes that explores Aotearoa’s contemporary food culture and an emerging, evolving New Zealand food identity. It also canvasses some of the current issues involved in the growing, making and eating of food. A cultural cookbook, if you will.
Chefs, academics, writers, producers and entrepreneurs share their stories and ideas about New Zealand’s food identity and examine contemporary issues – from food resilience and security to sustainability and sovereignty.
So what is New Zealand food culture and what is particular to it? A contemporary New Zealand food identity is emerging, but also continually evolving. It helps us to understand our place as a Pacific and multicultural nation, celebrates our ingredients and alters ideas from elsewhere to articulate this time and place.
Contributors include Dr Siouxsie Wiles, Alex Davies, Fleur Sullivan, Rebekah Graham, David White, Dr Tracy Berno, Giulio Sturla, Rachel Tauelelei, Monique Fiso and more. You can purchase your copy here.   (Please note: We will be receiving new stock by December 14, at which stage we will process orders.)
This book is available at Scorpio Books, Frances Nation, Barry’s Bay Cheese, Black Estate, Piccadilly Books, Unity Books Wellington, Unity Books Auckland, Women’s Bookstore, UBS Auckland, UBS Otago.