powers of ten

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Powers of ten

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PEAk Oil: ON.

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30 years too soon.

Here we go.

“After the CEO of Total (the French oil major) last week, two more CEOs of an oil major came out this Thursday to give stark warnings that mean that peak oil is happening right now. In addition, the chief economist of the International Energy Agency (the IEA), one of the main cheerleaders of the “there’s more than enough oil” camp until now, is giving an extraordinarily pessimistic interview in the Financial Times, following the recent publication of their latest World Energy Outlook.”

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This is great; god, radiohead and the future of humanity.

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more, more, more….

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FreeRange is a publication that draws on some 60 participants from various backgrounds and over 15 countries. It focuses on the issues surrounding the question of how to negotiate oneself both professionally and personally in the current complex pseudo- globalized environment. The individuals incubating FreeRange generally hail from architectural and urban design backgrounds but amongst others include video artists, scientists, pirates, mathematicians, musicians, rockers, graphic designers, illustrators, and programmers.


FreeRange is about ‘good’ ideas, in a dual sense. Good in that they are sensible applicable and constructive; whether this be in design, literature or politics. It is also about good in the sense that it will promote some basic sense of common humanity and bettering peoples realities. (whatever that may mean). To some sense it is to be considered a meme generator to counter the hedgemonic memes currently streaming from the airwaves globally. (a meme is the cultural equivalent of a gene, a packet of transferrable information)



It tentatively asserts that asking questions is in itself more important that any answers, and that any insights will probably come from a combination of probing intellectualism, self-reflection, intuition, and random acts of creativity.

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