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There’s a lot of discussion these days about the relationship between digital and analogue technologies.  I rather like this video and its lovely parody of digital effects. zzz is playing: Grip 

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“We’ve got an energy problem, a fuel problem, a water problem and global warming all coming at us,” he replies. “Monoculture is heavily C02-emitting, water and fossil-fuel dependent. Clearly we can’t carry on as we are. We can and we must meet this challenge with something new. So the question is what?”

Fantastic review of Raj Patels book Stuffed and Starved via the Guardian. [link]

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We’re living in the future

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So for the first time in living memory we as a species are consuming more food than producing, while at the same time what will soon be the worlds largest economy reminds us we haven’t left the worst of the twentieth century behind us, and now to top things off an article from Wired Magazine, confirming some information I had heard about targeted sonic advertising, which for all purposes is brain advertising.

I’m scared. Read here.

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FreeRange is a publication that draws on some 60 participants from various backgrounds and over 15 countries. It focuses on the issues surrounding the question of how to negotiate oneself both professionally and personally in the current complex pseudo- globalized environment. The individuals incubating FreeRange generally hail from architectural and urban design backgrounds but amongst others include video artists, scientists, pirates, mathematicians, musicians, rockers, graphic designers, illustrators, and programmers.

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