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Another Freerange!!!

Well, I guess great ideas often emerge at the same time!  Here is another group called freerange who have the enviable sub heading ‘creativity with a conscience’ .

and they have a nice website!

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Greening America

We may have had loads of fun watching America do its best to destroy it integrity in the last 8 years, but you’ve got to acknowledge when they get around to something they do it large.  I’ve recently started noticing a plethora of strong green initiatives emerging from the US, and with a President putting some serious money into the area I’d suggest some significant changes are on the horizon.  It may well all be too late, but we’ve got to give it a shot.

Below is a link to from Good Magazine; asking Who Will Be Left Behind By the Green Job Boom?

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International Development: A failed regime?

Here is a bit of a taster from the upcoming freerange #2 issue.  Rajarshi Sahai recently gave a lecture to a finish university titled International Development: A failed regime?

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This is huge.

 The Copenhagen Climate Change meeting in december is being called the Most Important Meeting in Human History by found Bill McKibben.  There are some rare positive signals coming out internationally with China signalling the possibility of significant cuts due to the recent change in American policy.  This meeting in december appears to be the last chance to avoid the worst of the climate change threat and these recent political announcements are ever so slightly heartening.

read about the chinese moves here in the guardian.

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sneakily outrageous!

Is the fantastic term coined by inventor/author/cartoonist/former urban planner Steven M. Johnson, a sort of R. Crumb meets R. Buckminster Fuller.   In discussing his often fantastical, sometimes silly, sometimes visionary concepts, he has said, “If I could use two words to describe what it is that I enjoy it is that I love to be sneakily outrageous . . . [It may be that] I have decided an idea has no practical worth and would never be likely to be adopted seriously (like most of my ideas), but I like it anyway.”

My favourites are the bike vests and treadarounds.

Go see pictures in the NY times article here.

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