Coastal Shipping

Coastal Shipping may sound like a pretty inane topic, however it is interesting to note how important it is for developing an economy less reliant on fossil fuels.    Shipping uses 75-80% less fuel that road freight; a bill before the american congress aims to put $US50 Million a year into developing coastal routes which would apparently move an estimated 20,000 truckloads a day off the roads (this seems rather high), and simultaneously create some 20,000 new jobs.  A rare win-win scenario I would have thought.  Over in NZ however the new National government looks to have changed our frieght development budget from $NZ27 Million to $NZ3 Million.  Hurrah for short sighted right wing economics!   Why are we not taking this environmental crises seriously?  The righting is on the wall.

Hat tip: The Standard and Greenvoices blogs

New writing

Some freerangers have been doing some writing in a magazine called Magneto, coming out of Massey University in Wellington.   The first is by Tania Mead about the present recession and its cultural benefits, and the second is a pre-plagiarized piece about Nina Simone and the Laws of Unintended Consequences.

TANIA SAWICKI MEAD. : Vultures of Doom Begone

Barnaby Bennett: “What gonna happen now? In all our cities?” (WHY? THE KING OF LOVE IS DEAD)